Advertising - A.B.

General Information

Degree & Major: Advertising - A.B.
College Name: Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
Department Name: Advertising and Public Relations
Dr. Bryan Reber
Department Head
(706) 542-4791
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: This program is designed to train students as analysts, creative thinkers and planners in advertising and related fields.

Career Opportunities: Career opportunities include entry-level positions in advertising, integrated marketing communication, promotion and other forms of mediated persuasion.
of Transfer Students:
The academic program for the A.B. degree consists of two parts: Areas I-V of the General Education Curriculum (which includes foreign language at the second and third levels and micro or macro economics) taken during the first and second years at UGA or another institution and the professional program taken after formal admission to the Grady College. Intended-Grady students are advised in the UGA Exploratory Center.

Admission to the University of Georgia is not a guarantee of admission to the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. A maximum number of spaces in each major is determined by the availability of teaching staff, classroom space, lab facilities and other resources. In reaching its decisions on how many students may be admitted each semester, the Admissions Committee is governed by the number already enrolled in each major, the number expected to graduate and the number applying. See Entrance Requirements,

Applications must be submitted online at The deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday of the second full week of classes during fall and spring semesters.

Preparation for Major:
Students should complete STAT 2000 and ADPR 3100 before their first official semester in Grady (both courses may be taken during the semester of application).
Scholarships: Approximately 100 undergraduate scholarships are administered by the Grady College each academic year. A general application assures consideration for any of the scholarships for which the applicant is qualified. Application forms may be obtained early in the spring semester at
Study Abroad: Students in Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, and Entertainment and Media Studies are encouraged to study abroad and participate in domestic field studies as part of their course of study. A critical understanding of the global scope of journalism and mass communication sets students apart in their fields. From travel writing to industry-leading advertising and entertainment strategies, each travel study program offers students an experience that strengthens their portfolio. While each program offers courses in specific disciplines, students are not limited to enrolling in courses only within their major.

Grady College Study Abroad Programming
Choose China advertising and public relations study in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai
Travel Writing course and cultural experience in Prague, Czech Republic
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France
Cannes Film Festival international studies in film, advertising and media in Cannes, France
Grady at Oxford courses in Journalism, Advertising, PR, and Entertainment and Media Studies at historic Oxford University and networking in London, UK

Additional suggested UGA Study Abroad Programming
Environmental Journalism at UGA Costa Rica in the Monte Verde region of Costa Rica

Domestic Field Studies Programming
Summer at the Circus, advertising and public relations studies in creativity with The Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA
Grady LA, studies in Entertainment and Media Studies and summer internships in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA
Grady NYC, studies in the communications industry and touring of major firms in New York, NY
Grady DC, studies in Public Affairs Communication and summer internships in the agency/government/nonprofit sectors
Internships: Valuable practical experience is gained by completing internships. Although not required in the degree program, internships are considered essential to a student’s total educational experience and greatly enhance job opportunities upon graduation. Academic credit may be earned for successful completion of an internship if:

1. Advance approval is received from the student’s department. A written request must be submitted and must include a job description, length of internship, name of supervisor. Also, a letter verifying the internship offer must be submitted by the employer prior to the first day of the semester in which the internship is served.
2. Certain basic courses as determined by the department have been completed.
3. The internship covers a minimum number of weeks of full-time employment as determined by the department.
4. During the semester of the internship the student registers concurrently for ADPR 5010, which is included in the maximum semester hours of journalism and mass communication credit that may be earned toward the major.
5. An online survey is submitted by the employer prior to the last day of the semester in which the internship is served describing the intern’s duties and the quality of performance.
6. A final, written report of week-by-week activities is submitted by the student to the department prior to the last day of the semester in which the internship is served.
Other Learning Opportunities:
Student Organizations: Ad Club, Advisor, Dr. Kirsten Strausbaugh Hutchinson (
Talking Dog, Advisor, Dr. Jennifer Barnhardt (
IABC, Advisor, Brittney Minor (
Available Graduate Programs: Business, Advertising, Public Relations, Mass Communications, Law.