Health and Physical Education - B.S.Ed.

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Degree & Major: Health and Physical Education - B.S.Ed.
College Name: College of Education
Department Name: Kinesiology
Leslie Moon
Health and Physical Education Major Academic Advisor
319 Ramsey Center
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: Physical education and sport have become diverse fields with multiple career opportunities. The major in Health and Physical Education has two options for students. The first is a curriculum designed to prepare students to teach health and physical education in the school system and acquire certification in grades P-12 in the State of Georgia.

The second option is for students wishing to learn pedagogical skill and content knowledge but plan on working in a non-public school instructional environment. This emphasis area enables students to pursue sport and physical education interests in other areas in kinesiology in preparation for the continually changing world of sport (e.g., fitness instruction, youth development). Students who select this emphasis are not eligible for teacher licensure and complete 14 hours of coursework in lieu of the student teaching experience. If in the future a student sought licensure, a student teaching experience could be completed.

Physical Education is the process of teaching physical activities, sports skills and physical fitness to all segments of the population. It is taught as a course to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college students to improve their motor coordination, physical fitness, and provide opportunities for strategy and teamwork development.

Students who study health and physical education are exposed to the instructional techniques that will enable them to be successful at all school levels. HPE majors also study the latest advances in biomechanics, physiology, and health and wellness principles.

Career Opportunities: Several career opportunities are available for graduates. Graduates can be teachers of health and physical education in schools, community organizations, and can coach in school sports programs. Currently the State of Georgia requires that schools provide instruction in health and physical education each year for K-5, providing many opportunities to teach at this level. The state also requires that health and physical education courses be made available to students in grades 6-12 and schools in the state offer a variety of programs for students.
of Transfer Students:
Area VI (major-related courses) should include the equivalent of CBIO 2200-2200L, CBIO 2210-2210L, EPSY 2130, EDUC 2110, and EDUC 2120. Please note that Area VI (major-related courses) can BE IN PROGRESS WHEN TRANSFERRING. Please contact the program advisor at or for more information.
Special Requirements: To be accepted to the major, an application must be completed, applicants must complete or exempt the GACE Program Admission Requirement, have an overall minimum GPA of 2.5, and have Area VI (major-relate courses) IN PROGRESS or completed. Please contact the program advisor at for more information.

A student must have at least a 2.5 overall grade point average to receive a student teaching assignment. Completion of the student teaching assignment is necessary for completion of the teaching option and to be eligible for certification in the State of Georgia.

While not required, the following courses assist in preparation for the major:

Foreign Language (preferably Spanish)
Physical Education competencies (PEDB courses)
DANC 3070 – Children’s Dance For Teachers
Pre-professional experience in a school setting and the other may be in other settings (e.g., coaching, Sunday school, boys/girls clubs, mentoring programs, YMCA/YWCO, after-school programs involving school-aged children)
Scholarships: The Coach Mike Castronis Scholarship and the Clifford Lewis Scholarship are given annually to upper-division students in the major.

Scholarships are available from the Department of Kinesiology and College of Education. See:
Internships: Students choosing the teaching option complete a 15-week student teaching experience in the public schools. Half of the experience is at the elementary school and half at middle/secondary school. It is a full-time experience done either in the fall or spring semester. Students choosing the non-teaching option complete 14 hours of coursework in lieu of the student teaching experience.
Service Learning: KINS 3301 - Community Service Learning Practicum
KINS 3302 - Multicultural Practicum
Other Learning Opportunities: KINS 4305-4305L provides students with the opportunity to practice teaching physical education in the elementary school setting.
KINS 4610-4610L provides students with the opportunity to practice teaching physical education to learners with disabilities through the Pediatric Exercise and Motor Development Clinic.
Available Graduate Programs: Master's and Doctoral programs in Kinesiology (Sport Pedagogy) are available at UGA.