Pharmaceutical Sciences - B.S.

General Information

Degree & Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences - B.S.
College Name: College of Pharmacy
Department Name: Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
Gurvinder Singh Rekhi, Ph.D.
Director, B.S./M.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences Program
(706) 542-5343
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is an undergraduate degree program that provides students an understanding of how pharmaceutical drugs interact with the human body, medication delivery methods, drugs research and development and how biology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry play a role in the pharmaceutical sciences.

The Pharmaceutical Sciences program offers hands-on career development where classroom learning delivered by outstanding faculty is combined with real-world laboratory experiments. This major provides students the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in a Good Manufacturing Practices Laboratory and the opportunity to work directly with faculty members on laboratory-centered, independent research projects.

Career Opportunities: Graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program are well prepared to fill critical roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Graduates will be especially well prepared for careers in drug development, drug discovery, pharmaceutical production, government or university research laboratories, medical device development, and nutraceutical development.
of Transfer Students:
All applicants to the program must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and must complete all PMCY, CHEM, BIOL, PHYS, ENGL, and MATH courses with a grade of C or better.
Available Graduate Programs: Qualified graduates will find this major an excellent gateway to seek admission to professional programs such as Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing. Qualified graduates are also well prepared to seek admission to graduate-level programs (M.S. or Ph.D.) in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences or Regulatory and Clinical Programs at the University of Georgia.