Special Education (also offered at Griffin and Online) - B.S.Ed.

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Degree & Major: Special Education (also offered at Griffin and Online) - B.S.Ed.
College Name: College of Education
Department Name: Communication Sciences and Special Education
Lindsay Dickerson
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: The undergraduate program in Special Education offers a Bachelor of Science in Education degree leading to Induction state teaching certification. Students can choose among three program emphasis areas:

Adapted Curriculum: For individuals interested in teaching students with moderate to severe autism and developmental disabilities in grades P–12. Training in this emphasis area will prepare teacher candidates to work with students working in an adapted curriculum, meaning they do not follow the common core implemented in most classrooms. The students who are most frequently served under adapted curriculum are those with moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability (MOID, SID, PID) as well as moderate to severe autism (ASD). This emphasis area is offered on our Athens Campus.

General Curriculum: For individuals interested in teaching students with mild disabilities who are primarily following the general curriculum in grades P-12. Training in this emphasis area will prepare teacher candidates to work in collaboration, inclusion or resource models. The special education students who are most frequently served in these settings will include those with behavior disorders (BD), learning disabilities, (LD), mild intellectual disabilities (MID), other health impaired (OHI), and some students with autism or Asperger’s (ASD or AS). This program is offered on the Athens campus, the Griffin campus, as well as fully online.

Educational Studies: For individuals who wish to have content knowledge and skills in Special Education but do not want to become a certified teacher; students pursuing this emphasis WILL NOT receive teaching certification. This emphasis is well-suited to students wishing to pursue graduate degrees and careers in related fields such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, etc. This emphasis is offered on the Athens campus, the Griffin campus, and online.

The Special Education program begins cohorts in each of the three emphasis areas once a year in the fall semester. Each cohort consists of four semesters of coursework. Prospective applicants should see the Special Education undergraduate degree website (http://coe.uga.edu/academics/degrees/bsed/special-education) for admissions information and deadlines.

Career Opportunities: Career opportunities include teaching in public or private schools and educational consultancy. Public school administrators contact the department with job openings. Announcements are posted on bulletin boards, presented to students in classes, and distributed through departmental listservs. A passing score on the GACE Content Assessment(s), GACE Educator Ethics Assessment, and edTPA are required for certification.
of Transfer Students:
Students transferring into Special Education at the beginning of their third year should have completed all UGA core curriculum requirements as well as the Special Education prerequisite courses. Students should work closely with their advisor for specific transfer information and ensure they meet all requirements.
Special Requirements: Requirements and prerequisites in the teaching field should be considered in choosing courses in the first and second years. All prospective teachers should plan their program with their advisor.

Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.8, earn a C or better in all area VI and major courses, and maintain a “B” average for all Special Education courses taken. Students must apply for this restricted major.

Internships: Student Teaching

Students will be placed for Student Teaching upon completion of the following requirements:
Maintenance of 2.8 GPA in all professional education and area of emphasis courses, with no grade below C in either area. No course work other than student teaching (SPED 5460) may be taken during the student teaching semester. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure all necessary course work is completed prior to student teaching. Students must also demonstrate necessary progression in teaching skills as well as professional demeanor in all settings, as judged by program faculty.

In general, field placements for Athens campus students will be made in the Athens and surrounding area, which will allow for maximum efficiency and quality of college supervision. Field placements for Griffin and Online campus students will be made relative to the student's physical location and at the discretion of their program coordinator and the Office of Experiential Learning. Student teaching placement is a departmental decision; it is not a student decision. The major criterion for placement is the faculty's professional judgment concerning students' needs as preservice teachers and the availability of suitable field experience sites. Our primary objective is to provide the student the experience necessary for the student to become a good beginning teacher. The faculty are concerned about the future generations of children the student will teach!

Therefore, family responsibilities, health considerations, financial responsibilities, and transportation constraints are only secondary considerations taken into account when they do not undermine the professional decision made.
Student Organizations: The Student Council for Exceptional Children: https://coe.uga.edu/students/organizations/student-council-exceptional-children
The Student Association for Behavior Analysis: https://www.facebook.com/pg/UGA.SABA/posts/?ref=page+internal
Available Graduate Programs: Preschool Special Education Endorsement

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Program

Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia

M.A.T., Adapted Curriculum Special Education
M.A.T., General Curriculum Special Education
M.A.T., Birth through Kindergarten/Preschool

M.Ed., Adapted Curriculum Special Education
M.Ed., General Curriculum Special Education
M.Ed., Birth through Kindergarten/Preschool
M.Ed., Early Childhood Special Education/P-5

Ed.S., Special Education
Ph.D., Special Education