Landscape Architecture - B.L.A.

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Degree & Major: Landscape Architecture - B.L.A.
College Name: College of Environment and Design
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Description: The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at UGA is a professional degree (can sit for certification test after graduation and 18 months of professional practice in the state of Georgia) and is one of the top ranked Landscape Architecture programs in the country. Students take Landscape Architecture courses in various content areas as well as complete a required internship to gain professional experience before graduation. To better meet the challenges and needs of an ever-changing society, the B.L.A. program focuses on sustainable design in an effort to produce graduates with the most current knowledge and skills. Students participate in studio classes with graduated content and partner classes, offering the chance to combine theory with practice as well as technology. The B.L.A. at UGA offers guest lecturers, service learning opportunities, charette experiences, study abroad trips with opportunities to gain credit in LAND classes, student clubs, and much more.

Career Opportunities: Landscape Architecture is a growing field, and a B.L.A. degree does not limit one to only landscape architecture as a future career. Careers are available in both private and public sectors. Typically, students gain employment in design firms specializing in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and/or Planning. Working with Federal and State agencies such as the National Park Service, Forest Service and City Planning Departments are also employment options. Growing trends in Sustainable Design have opened additional employment opportunities for Landscape Architects in these and other related fields. Graduates of the program also often go on to study at the graduate level in environmental planning, design, landscape architecture or historic preservation.
of Transfer Students:
Recommended classes to prepare for transfer into the B.L.A. program include: UGA General Education Core course equivalents (see Admissions transfer equivalency requirements), horticulture, botany, engineering, graphic arts, physical science, agriculture, ecology, environmental sciences, forestry, and natural resource sciences. Please note that other than UGA core equivalents, there is no guarantee of what, if any, other classes will transfer successfully. Any of the above suggestions are mainly for general elective credits in the B.L.A. program of study.
Additional Fees: Students are responsible for various tools and materials necessary for studio classes as well as differential tuition fees. Please see the Bursar's Office website for tuition information.
Scholarships: A number of scholarships are provided to the College of Environment and Design through the generosity of individuals, clubs, and alumni. These scholarships are granted based on academic performance in the College, leadership, and need. Availability of specific scholarships and amounts will vary from year to year. Students may obtain complete information regarding scholarships at the CED webpage.
Study Abroad: Cortona
Costa Rica
Other Learning Opportunities: Field Study:
West Coast/East Coast
Jekyll Island (Watercolor and/or Historic Preservation)
"Trail of Tears"—Cherokee Plant Communities
Student Organizations: Student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture (GSLA)

Available Graduate Programs: Landscape Architecture (MLA)
Environmental Planning and Design (MEPD)
Historic Preservation (MHP)

Certificate Programs:
Environmental Ethics (undergraduate and graduate)
Historic Preservation (graduate)
Historic Landscapes (graduate)