Natural Resource Management and Sustainability - B.S.F.R.


Degree Requirements

Entrance Requirements for the Major

General Education Core Curriculum
(Selected with the advice of an academic advisor)

Area VI
Major Requirements
College-wide Requirements must be satisfied in order to graduate with this major


I. Foundation Courses (9 hours)

ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101E or ENGL 1101S 
ENGL 1102 or ENGL 1102E or ENGL 1103 or ENGL 1050H or ENGL 1060H  
MATH 1113 or MATH 1113E or MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2250E or MATH 2300H or MATH 2400 or MATH 2400H or MATH 2410 or MATH 2410H or STAT 2000 or STAT 2000E

II. Sciences (7-8 hours)

At least one of the physical science or life science courses must include a laboratory.
Physical Sciences (3-4 hours)
Preferred Course(s): (CHEM 1211-1211D, CHEM 1211L) or (CHEM 1311H, CHEM 1311L
Life Sciences (3-4 hours)
Preferred Course(s): (BIOL 1107, BIOL 1107L) or (BIOL 2107H, BIOL 2107L)


III. Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 hours)

Preferred Course(s): MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2300H 


IV. World Languages and Global Culture, Humanities and the Arts (12 hours)

Note: Course credit received as a result of a score on a departmental foreign language placement test will not satisfy the General Education Core Curriculum requirements in Area IV, World Languages and Global Culture, Humanities and the Arts.
World Languages and Global Culture (9 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.

Humanities and the Arts (3 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.

V. Social Sciences (9 hours)

  • Students who have not met the Georgia and U.S. Constitution requirement by examination should enroll in POLS 1101 or POLS 1101E or POLS 1101H.
  • A passing grade on an examination on the history of the United States and Georgia is required to satisfy the United States and Georgia History Requirement for all persons receiving a baccalaureate degree from the University, unless exempted by one of the following courses: HIST 2111, HIST 2111E, HIST 2111H, HIST 2112, HIST 2112E, HIST 2112H, HIST 3080H. Examinations are given at University Testing Services. Reexamination is permitted. Contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-3183 for information.
Preferred Course(s): AAEC 2580 or AAEC 2580E or ECON 2106 or ECON 2106E or ECON 2106H 


Area VI
(BIOL 1108 and BIOL 1108L) or (BIOL 2108H and BIOL 2108L)
(CHEM 1212-1212D and CHEM 1212L) or (CHEM 1312H and CHEM 1312L)
COMM 1110 or COMM 2150H or AGCM 2200 or FANR 3950 (3 hours) 
STAT 2000 or STAT 2100H or BIOS 2010 or BUSN 3000 or FANR 2010-2010L
Free Elective

If any course in Area VI above has been used to satisfy areas II-V of the core curriculum, general electives may be taken here (refer to college-wide requirements when selecting general electives). 

Entrance Requirements

Major Requirements

A baccalaureate degree program must require at least 21 semester hours of upper division courses in the major field and at least 39 semester hours of upper division work overall.

Required Courses (60 hours)
Common Curriculum (28 hours)
CRSS(FANR) 3060 and CRSS(FANR) 3060L 
FANR 3200W and FANR 3200L
FANR 3300-3300D and FANR 3400-3400D 
FANR 3700
FANR 3800 and FANR 3800L
FANR 4800W/6800W
FORS 4050/6050 and FORS 4050L/6050L

Capstone (choose four hours from the following):
(FANR 4501 and FANR 4502S)
FANR 4960R (0 to 3 hours)
FANR 4970R (0 to 3 hours)
FANR 4980R (0 to 3 hours)
FANR 4990R (1 to 4 hours; at least 1 hour required)

Choose an Area of Emphasis below. Course hours needed for an Area of Emphasis requirement or under an elective category cannot be used to satisfy another elective category.

Community Forestry and Arboriculture (32 hours)
FORS 3010 and FORS 3010L

Choose a total of 9 hours of Community Forestry and Arboriculture Electives:
AAEC 3980GEOG 4632/6632
AAEC 4040-4040LGEOG 4633/6633
AAEC 4980GEOG 4660/6660
ACCT 2101HIST 3170
ACCT 2102HORT(LAND) 3450
CVLE 4770HORT 4030S/6030S
ECOL 3770SHORT 4090/6090
ECOL(FANR) 4220/6220HORT 4095S/6095S
ECON 4010HORT(CRSS) 4440/6440-4440L/6440L
ECON 4150JURI 4790/6790
ECON 4160LAND 3410
EDES 4270/6270LAND 4120/6120
EDES 4640/6640LAND 4360
EDES(PLAN) 4650/6650LAND 4370
ENTO 3740-3740LMGMT 3001
ENTO 4500E/6500EPOLS 4640
ENTO(CRSS)(PATH) 4740/6740
ENTR 5500RMIN 4000
FANR 5620/7620-5620L/7620LSOCI 3320
FORS 4210/6210SPAN 3010
FORS 4530/6530SPAN 4150
GEOG 3630STAT 4210
GEOG(CRSS) 4375/6375WASR(FORS) 4000/6000-4000L/6000L
GEOG 4385/6385-4385L/6385LWASR(FORS) 4110/6110-4110L/6110L
GEOG 4630/6630WASR 4400-4400L
GEOG 4631/6631Faculty mentor approved course

Water and Soil Resources Area of Emphasis (32 hours)
CRSS 4670/6670
PHYS 1111-1111L
WASR(FORS) 4110/6110-4110L/6110L

Choose two courses:
(CRSS 4600/6600 and CRSS 4600L/6600L)
GEOL 4220/6220
WASR 4500/6500

Choose one course:
CRSS(GEOL) 4540/6540-4540L/6540L
GEOG 3010

Choose one course:
CRSS(MIBO) 4610/6610-4610L/6610L
(ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310/6310ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310L/6310L)
EHSC(FDST)(MIBO) 4310/6310-4310L/6310L

Choose a total of 9 hours of Water and Soil Resources Electives:

COFA 5301/7301-5301L/7301LGEOG 3010
CRSS 2010 GEOG 4060/6060
CRSS 3540GEOG 4300/6300
CRSS(GEOL) 4540/6540-4540L/6540LGEOG 4330/6330-4330L/6330L
CRSS 4580/6580GEOG 4350/6350-4350L/6350L
CRSS 4600/6600GEOL 3010-3010L
CRSS 4600L/6600LGEOL 3020-3020L
CRSS(MIBO) 4610/6610-4610L/6610LGEOL 4110/6110
CRSS(WASR) 4660/6660WASR 3000+ (any WASR course numbered 3000 or above)
(ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310/6310ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310L/6310L)WASR 3900*
EHSC(FDST)(MIBO) 4310/6310-4310L/6310LWASR(FORS) 4000/6000-4000L/6000L
EHSC 4350-4350LWASR 4500/6500

EHSC 4610Faculty mentor approved course
FORS 3010, FORS 3010L

*No more than 3 hours of WASR 3900 may count towards graduation.

Geospatial Information Science Area of Emphasis (32 hours)
FANR 5620/7620-5620L/7620L
FANR 5630/7630
GEOG 4590/6590-4590L/6590L

Choose one course:
GEOG 4350/6350-4350L/6350L
GEOG 4460/6460

Choose a total of 10 hours of Natural Resources Electives:
ECOL 4050/6050-4050L/6050LPRTM 5410/7410-5410L/7410L
(ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310/6310ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310L/6310L)PRTM 5800S/7800S
ECOL(EHSC)(FISH) 4600/6600PRTM 5900/7900
FANR 4800W/6800WWASR(FORS) 4110/6110-4110L/6110L
FISH 4200/6200WILD(FISH) 3000W
FISH 4200L/6200LWILD(ECOL) 3580
FISH(ECOL)(MARS)(WILD) 4300L/6300LWILD(ECOL) 4040/6040-4040L/6040L
FISH 4500/6500WILD(BIOL) 4050/6050
FISH 4500L/6500LWILD(BIOL) 4050L/6050L
FISH(WILD) 4520/6520-4520L/6520LWILD(ECOL) 4060/6060-4060L/6060L
FISH(ECOL)(MARS)(WILD) 4550/6550-4550L/6550LWILD 4100-4100L
FISH 4650L/6650LWILD 4400/6400
FORS 3010WILD 4500/6500
FORS 3010LWILD 4700/6700
FORS 4010/6010-4010L/6010LWILD 4700L/6700L
FORS 4210/6210WILD(POPH) 5100/7100
FORS 4610/6610-4610L/6610LWILD 5350/7350
FORS 4620/6620WILD 5350L/7350L
FORS 4700/6700-4700L/6700LWILD 5700/7700
NRRT 3310WILD 5700L/7700L
PRTM 4400/6400Faculty mentor approved course

Choose a total of 10 hours of Geospatial Electives:
ATSC(GEOG) 4140/6140GEOG 4380/6380-4380L/6380L
CBIO(CSCI) 4835/6835GEOG 4385/6385-4385L/6385L
CRSS 4050/6050GEOG 4410/6410-4410L/6410L
EDES 4270/6270GEOG 4430/6430-4430L/6430L
EDES 4280E/6280EGEOG 4450/6450
ENGR 3120GEOG 4460/6460
ENGR 5930/7930GEOG 4470/6470-4470L/6470L
FANR 5640/7640-5640L/7640LGEOG 4570/6570-4570L/6570L
FORS 5650/7650-5650L/7650LHORT 4095/6095
FORS 5670/7670STAT 4360/6360
GEOG 3510-3510LFaculty mentor approved course
GEOG 4330/6330-4330L/6330L

Please note: Major Requirements (required courses, areas of emphasis, and major electives combined) must total at least 60 hours.


(This total does not include the 1-hour P.E. requirement)