History - A.B.


Degree Requirements

Entrance Requirements for the Major

General Education Core Curriculum
(Selected with the advice of an academic advisor)

Area VI
Major Requirements
College-wide Requirements must be satisfied in order to graduate with this major


I. Foundation Courses (9 hours)

ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101E or ENGL 1101S 
ENGL 1102 or ENGL 1102E or ENGL 1103 or ENGL 1050H or ENGL 1060H 
MATH 1101
 or MATH 1113 or MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2300H or MATH 2400 or MATH 2400H or MATH 2410 or MATH 2410H 

II. Sciences (7-8 hours)

At least one of the physical science or life science courses must include a laboratory.
Physical Sciences (3-4 hours)
Preferred Course(s): Please consider the Franklin College's Physical Sciences requirement when selecting courses from the Core Curriculum. Some courses approved for the core curriculum do not satisfy the Franklin College requirement. 
Life Sciences (3-4 hours)
Preferred Course(s): Please consider the Franklin College's Biological Sciences requirement when selecting courses from the Core Curriculum. Some courses approved for the core curriculum do not satisfy the Franklin College requirement. 


III. Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 hours)

No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.


IV. World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts (12 hours)

Note: Course credit received as a result of a score on a departmental foreign language placement test will not satisfy the General Education Core Curriculum requirements in Area IV, World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts.
World Languages and Culture (9 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.

Humanities and the Arts (3 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.

V. Social Sciences (9 hours)

  • Students who have not met the Georgia and U.S. Constitution requirement by examination should enroll in POLS 1101.
  • A passing grade on an examination on the history of the United States and Georgia is required to satisfy the United States and Georgia History Requirement for all persons receiving a baccalaureate degree from the University, unless exempted by one of the following courses: HIST 2111, HIST 2112. Examinations are given at University Testing Services. Reexamination is permitted. Contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-3183 for information.
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.


Area VI
One Foreign Language  course
Select three hours at the 1000/2000-level from the following list of humanities prefixes: ANTH, ARHI, CLAS, CMLT, ENGL, GEOG, PHIL, POLS, RELI, SOCI
An additional three hours of a foreign language or an additional three hours from the humanities list above

At least one course in each of three of the following areas listed below:
1. U.S./North America
HIST 2051 
HIST 2111 or HIST 2111H
HIST 2112 or HIST 2112H

2. Latin America
HIST(LACS) 2221 
HIST(LACS) 2222 

3. Western Civilization
HIST 2301 or HIST 2311H
HIST 2302 or HIST 2312H

4. Africa
HIST(AFST) 2502 

5. Asian History
HIST 2600

6. World History
HIST 2701 or HIST 2701H
HIST 2702 or HIST 2702H

If any of the courses in Area VI have been used to satisfy Areas II-V of the Core Curriculum, General Electives may be taken here. (Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting General Electives) 

Note: History requires individual review of non-equivalent transfer courses before they can be used to satisfy Area VI and Major Requirements. 


Entrance Requirements

Major Requirements

A baccalaureate degree program must require at least 21 semester hours of upper division courses in the major field and at least 39 semester hours of upper division work overall.
Students in the Franklin College must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in major required courses.

Required Courses (24 hours)
HIST 4990
At least one of the courses used to satisfy the major requirements must be at the 4000 level (excluding HIST 4990).

-- One of the courses used to satisfy the major requirements must focus on the period before 1600 and one course must focus on the period after 1600.

Choose nine hours from the following geographical areas:
  (At least one 3000/4000-level course in each of three geographical areas.)
Six Geographic Areas:
1. North America
ANTH(HIST)(NAMS) 4470/6470**HIST 4030H*
ANTH(HIST) 4480/6480*HIST 4035/6035*
EDHI(HIST) 4900/6900*HIST 4040/6040*
ESOC(HIST) 5020/7020*HIST 4050/6050*
HIST 3020*HIST(AFAM) 4055/6055*
HIST 3030*HIST 4060/6060*
HIST 3050**HIST 4065/6065*
HIST 3051*HIST 4066/6066*
HIST 3055H*HIST 4066H*
HIST 3056*HIST 4067/6067*
HIST 3056H*HIST 4068/6068*
HIST 3057*HIST 4070/6070*
HIST 3060*HIST 4070H*
HIST 3071*HIST 4071/6071*
HIST 3072*HIST 4072/6072*
HIST 3073*HIST 4073/6073*
HIST 3080H*HIST 4074/6074*
HIST 3085*HIST 4076/6076*
HIST 3086*HIST 4080/6080*
HIST 3090*HIST 4082*
HIST(AFAM) 3101*HIST 4085/6085*
HIST 3102*HIST 4086/6086*
HIST 3115*HIST 4091/6091*
HIST 3160*HIST 4092/6092*
HIST 3160H*HIST 4094/6094*
HIST 3170*HIST 4100/6100*
HIST 4000/6000*HIST 4110/6110*
HIST 4020/6020*HIST 4110H*
HIST 4025/6025*HIST 4120/6120*
HIST 4028*HIST 4730H*
HIST 4029/6029*RELI(HIST) 3150*

2. Latin America
HIST 3040*
HIST(LACS) 3220** or HIST(LACS) 3220H** 
HIST(LACS) 3230 *
HIST(LACS) 3235 
HIST 3240
HIST 3270*
HIST(LACS) 4200/6200 
HIST 4211/6211*
HIST 4211H*
HIST(RELI) 4214/6214*
HIST 4220/6220*
HIST(LACS) 4230/6230 **
HIST(LACS) 4240/6240*
HIST(LACS) 4250/6250 *

3. Europe (Eastern and Western)
ENGL(HIST) 3100*HIST 4330/6330**
HIST(CLAS) 3311**HIST 4340/6340*
HIST(CLAS) 3312**HIST(SPAN) 4345**
HIST(CLAS) 3321**HIST 4350/6350*
HIST 3322**HIST 4355/6355* or HIST 4355H*
HIST 3323**HIST 4360/6360*
HIST 3324*HIST 4365/6365*
HIST 3330**HIST 4371/6371**
HIST(RELI) 3333**HIST 4372/6372
HIST 3340**HIST 4373/6373*
HIST 3350*HIST 4374/6374
HIST 3361*or HIST 3361H*HIST 4375*
HIST 3362* or HIST 3362H*HIST 4376H*
HIST 3371**HIST 4381/6381*
HIST 3372*HIST 4382/6382*
HIST 3381*HIST 4383/6383*
HIST 3382*HIST 4385H*
HIST 3390*HIST 4391/6391*
HIST 3400*HIST 4392/6392*
HIST 3400H*HIST 4393*
HIST 3411HIST 4394/6394*
HIST 3412*HIST 4400/6400*
HIST 3415*HIST 4410/6410*
HIST 3421**HIST 4413/6413*
HIST 3432*HIST 4420/6420*
HIST 3433**HIST 4430/6430
HIST 3443**HIST 4432/6432*
HIST(CLAS) 4225/6225**HIST 4435/6435*
HIST 4300/6300HIST 4440/6440*
HIST(CLAS) 4320/6320**HIST 4450/6450*
HIST(CLAS) 4329/6329**HIST 4710/6710*

4. Africa
HIST(AFST) 3500*HIST 3580**
HIST(AFST) 3511**HIST(AFST) 4500/6500
HIST(AFST) 3512*HIST 4520/6520**
HIST(AFST) 3530HIST(AFST) 4540/6540*
HIST(AFST) 3540*HIST(AFST) 4550/6550*

5. Middle East

HIST 3561**HIST 4301/6301**
HIST 3562**HIST 4530/6530**
HIST 3564*  HIST 4560/6560
HIST 3570H*HIST 4565/6565** 
HIST 3579**HIST 4580/6580*
HIST 3580

6. Asia
HIST 3601**HIST 4600/6600
HIST 3602*HIST 4610/6610**
HIST 3661**HIST 4620/6620
HIST 3662**HIST 4630/6630**
HIST 3663*HIST 4640/6640**
HIST 3670H**HIST 4625/6625
HIST 3680H*

Major Courses:
Choose twelve hours from the following:
(Note: hours used to satisfy other areas in the major will not also satisfy this requirement.)

ANTH(HIST)(NAMS) 4470/6470**HIST(AFAM) 4055/6055*
ANTH(HIST) 4480/6480*HIST 4060/6060*
EDHI(HIST) 4900/6900*HIST 4065/6065*
ENGL(HIST) 3100*HIST 4066/6066*
ESOC(HIST) 5020/7020*HIST 4066H*
HIST 3020*HIST 4067/6067*
HIST 3030*HIST 4068/6068*
HIST 3040*HIST 4070/6070*or HIST 4070H*
HIST 3050**HIST 4071/6071*
HIST 3051*HIST 4072/6072*
HIST 3055H*HIST 4073/6073*
HIST 3056*HIST 4074/6074*
HIST 3056H*HIST 4076/6076*
HIST 3057*HIST 4080/6080*
HIST 3060*HIST 4082*
HIST 3071*HIST 4085/6085*
HIST 3072*HIST 4086/6086*
HIST 3073*HIST 4091/6091*
HIST 3080H*HIST 4092/6092*
HIST 3085*HIST 4094/6094*
HIST 3086*HIST 4100/6100*
HIST 3090*HIST 4110H*
HIST(AFAM) 3101*HIST 4110/6110*
HIST 3102*HIST(WMST) 4115*
HIST 3160*HIST 4120/6120*
HIST 3160H*HIST 4130H*
HIST 3170*HIST(LACS) 4200/6200
HIST(LACS) 3220** or HIST(LACS) 3220H**HIST 4211/6211*
HIST(LACS) 3230*HIST 4211H*
HIST(LACS) 3235HIST(RELI) 4214/6214*
HIST 3240HIST 4220/6220*
HIST 3270*HIST(CLAS) 4225/6225**
HIST(CLAS) 3311**HIST(LACS) 4230/6230**
HIST(CLAS) 3312**HIST(LACS) 4240/6240*
HIST(CLAS) 3321**HIST(LACS) 4250/6250*
HIST 3322**HIST 4300/6300
HIST 3323**HIST 4301/6301**
HIST 3324*HIST(CLAS) 4320/6320**
HIST 3330**HIST(CLAS) 4329/6329**
HIST(RELI) 3333**HIST 4330/6330**
HIST 3340**HIST 4340/6340*
HIST 3350*HIST(SPAN) 4345**
HIST 3361*or HIST 3361H*HIST 4350/6350*
HIST 3362* or HIST 3362H*HIST 4355/6355* or HIST 4355H*
HIST 3371**HIST 4360/6360*
HIST 3372*HIST 4365/6365*
HIST 3381*HIST 4371/6371**
HIST 3382*HIST 4372/6372
HIST 3390*HIST 4373/6373*
HIST 3400*HIST 4374/6374
HIST 3400H*HIST 4375*
HIST 3411HIST 4381/6381*
HIST 3412*HIST 4382/6382*
HIST 3415*HIST 4383/6383*
HIST 3421**HIST 4385H*
HIST 3432*HIST 4391/6391*
HIST 3433**HIST 4392/6392*
HIST 3443**HIST 4393*
HIST(AFST) 3500*HIST 4394/6394*
HIST(AFST) 3511**HIST 4400/6400*
HIST(AFST) 3512*HIST 4410/6410*
HIST(AFST) 3530HIST 4413/6413*
HIST(AFST) 3540*HIST 4420/6420*
HIST(AFST) 3545**HIST 4430/6430
HIST 3561** HIST 4432/6432*
HIST 3562**HIST 4435/6435*
HIST 3564*HIST 4440/6440*
HIST 3570H*HIST 4450/6450*
HIST 3579**HIST(AFST) 4500/6500
HIST 3580**HIST(AFST) 4515/6515
HIST 3601**HIST 4520/6520**
HIST 3602*HIST 4530/6530**
HIST 3661**HIST(AFST) 4540/6540*
HIST 3662**HIST(AFST) 4550/6550*
HIST 3663*HIST 4560/6560
HIST 3670H**HIST 4565/6565**
HIST 3680H*HIST 4580/6580*
HIST 3720HHIST 4600/6600
HIST 3725*HIST 4610/6610**
HIST 3751**HIST 4620/6620
HIST 3752*HIST 4630/6630**
HIST 3910HHIST 4640/6640**
HIST 4000/6000*HIST 4625/6625
HIST 4020/6020*HIST 4700/6700
HIST 4025/6025*HIST 4710/6710*
HIST 4028*HIST 4730H*
HIST 4029/6029*HIST 4750/6750*
HIST 4030H*HIST(PHIL) 4860/6860*
HIST 4035/6035*HIST 4960/6960
HIST 4040/6040*HIST 4960H
HIST 4050/6050*RELI(HIST) 3150*

* Courses that focus on a period after 1600
** Courses that focus on a period before 1600


General Electives (36 hours)
(Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting general electives.)
Foreign Language  - History majors must complete the following:
  Competency through the fourth semester of a single foreign language or competency through the third semester of one language and through the second semester of a second language.
Upper division (15 hours)
Any level (21 hours)

**For students who are in the dual program of study in both History A.B. and Social Studies Education B.S.Ed., it is recommended that you review requirements found at http://bulletin.uga.edu/MajorSpecific.aspx?MajorId=212 which shows how courses and requirements in the two majors may overlap.   
(This total does not include the 1-hour P.E. requirement)