Criminal Justice - A.B.


Degree Requirements

Entrance Requirements for the Major

General Education Core Curriculum
(Selected with the advice of an academic advisor)

Area VI
Major Requirements
College-wide Requirements must be satisfied in order to graduate with this major


I. Foundation Courses (9 hours)

ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101E or ENGL 1101S 
ENGL 1102 or ENGL 1102E or ENGL 1103 or ENGL 1050H or ENGL 1060H  
MATH 1101 or MATH 1113 or MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2300H or MATH 2400 or MATH 2400H or MATH 2410 or MATH 2410H or STAT 2000

II. Sciences (7-8 hours)

At least one of the physical science or life science courses must include a laboratory.
Physical Sciences (3-4 hours)
Preferred Course(s): Please consider the Franklin College's Physical Sciences requirement when selecting courses from the Core Curriculum. Some courses approved for the core curriculum do not satisfy the Franklin College requirement. 
Life Sciences (3-4 hours)
Preferred Course(s): Please consider the Franklin College's Biological Sciences requirement when selecting courses from the Core Curriculum. Some courses approved for the core curriculum do not satisfy the Franklin College requirement. 


III. Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 hours)

Preferred Course(s): MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2250E or STAT 2000 or STAT 2100H


IV. World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts (12 hours)

Note: Course credit received as a result of a score on a departmental foreign language placement test will not satisfy the General Education Core Curriculum requirements in Area IV, World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts.
World Languages and Culture (9 hours)
Preferred Course(s): One foreign language through the third course. 

Humanities and the Arts (3 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.

V. Social Sciences (9 hours)

  • Students who have not met the Georgia and U.S. Constitution requirement by examination should enroll in POLS 1101 or POLS 1101E or POLS 1105H.
  • A passing grade on an examination on the history of the United States and Georgia is required to satisfy the United States and Georgia History Requirement for all persons receiving a baccalaureate degree from the University, unless exempted by one of the following courses: HIST 2111, HIST 2111E, HIST 2111H, HIST 2112, HIST 2112E, HIST 2112H, HIST 3080H. Examinations are given at University Testing Services. Reexamination is permitted. Contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-3183 for information.
Preferred Course(s): (POLS 1101 or POLS 1105H) and (PSYC 1101 or PSYC 1030H) and (SOCI 1101 or SOCI 1101H


Area VI
Choose six courses (18 hours) from any of the following:
AFAM(HIST) 2000 or AFAM 2000H 
EDIT 2000 
GEOG 1101 or GEOG 2010H
GEOG 1103 or GEOG 2130H
LEGL 2700 or LEGL 2800H
Any 3-hour 1000/2000-level courses from ACCT, ANTH, COMM, CSCI, ECON, HIST, INTL, MGMT, MIST, NAMS, PHIL, POLS, PSYC, RELI, SOCI, SOWK, WMST (this may include transfer classes brought in as 1TXX, 2TXX, 1GXX, and 2GXX)

If any of the courses in Area VI have been used to satisfy Areas II-V of the Core Curriculum, General Electives may be taken here. (Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting General Electives)

Note: Criminal Justice requires individual review of non-equivalent transfer courses before they can be used to satisfy Area VI and Major Requirements. 

Entrance Requirements
Completion of: POLS 1101 or POLS 1105H, PSYC 1101 or PSYC 1030H, SOCI 1101 or SOCI 1101H, MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2250E or STAT 2000 or STAT 2100H (or equivalent) with a grade "C" (2.0) or better and a 2.5 G.P.A. average in these four courses. When calculating the four course average, MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2250E or STAT 2000 or STAT 2100H will be treated as a 3 credit course to maintain equivalence to the other three courses.

Major Requirements

A baccalaureate degree program must require at least 21 semester hours of upper division courses in the major field and at least 39 semester hours of upper division work overall.
Students in the Franklin College must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in major required courses.

Required Courses (25 hours)
(In the case of double majors, other social science methodology courses may be substituted with the approval of the CJSP director)
POLS 3600
POLS(SOCI) 4905 
POLS(SOCI) 5500 (5 hours)* 
POLS(SOCI) 5510 (5 hours)* 
POLS(SOCI) 5520 (5 hours)* 
SOCI 3810

*Students who are in the Washington Semester Program, will take the following:
POLS 3600
POLS(SOCI) 5500 (4 hours)
POLS(SOCI) 5510 (4 hours)
POLS(SOCI) 5520 (4 hours)
SOCI 3810
WASH 3400 

Major Electives (15 hours)
Choose five courses from the following:
At least three courses must come from the following areas (two areas must be represented) and no more than three of these five classes may come from the same discipline (as indicated by departmental prefix).
Human Behavior, Deviance, and Crime
AFAM(PSYC) 4500/6500 SOCI 3820
PSYC 3230SOCI 3840 
PSYC 3260SOCI 3830
PSYC 4240SOCI 3860
SOCI 3070SOCI 4590 
SOCI 3080SOCI(INTL) 4700
SOCI 3340

Social Control Institutions
HIST 3775POLS 4900
POLS 4105 or POLS 4105HPSYC 5850
POLS 4690RELI 4107/6107
POLS 4740SOCI 3140
POLS 4760SOCI 3150
POLS 4770SOCI 4470
POLS 4781

Law and Ethics
CSCI 3030POLS 4700
ECON 4450/6450POLS 4710
POLS 4720
POLS 4730
PHIL 4240/6240POLS 4750
POLS 4080SOCI 4800
POLS 4090SOCI 4830
POLS 4410

No more than two courses may be chosen from the following:
AFAM(PSYC) 3150POLS 4780
ANTH 4265/6265PSYC 3100
COMM 3520PSYC 3300
COMM 4330PSYC 4200
COMM 4510/6510PSYC 4230
GEOG 3630PSYC(WMST) 4600/6600 
GEOG 3640 SOCI 3270 
GEOG 4630/6630SOCI 3280
GEOG 4631/6631 SOCI(AFAM) 3300
PADP 3000SOCI(AFAM) 3310
PADP 4630SOCI 3320
PHIL 4210/6210SOCI 3730
POLS 4070SOCI 3940
POLS 4560SOCI 3950
POLS 4640SOCI(AFAM) 4370
POLS 4650

*No more than ten quarter hours or six semester hours of transfer credit will be applied toward requirements for the major.

General Electives (20-22 hours)
(Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting general electives.)

** Note: Students who are completing a second major in another college (i.e. a Political Science major from the School of Public and International Affairs) must also satisfy that college's requirements. Students must meet only the Franklin College requirements unless pursuing a dual degree.  

NOTE: E, H, S, and W versions of these classes may be used to satisfy major requirements. 
(This total does not include the 1-hour P.E. requirement)