Minor - Sport Management

Required Course (3 hours):
KINS 3430 or KINS 3430E 3

Electives—Category I (9 hours):
Nine hours selected from the following courses:
ECON 4060 3
ECON 4460/6460 3
KINS 3420 3
KINS 4520/6520 or KINS 4520E/6520E 3
KINS 4810 or KINS 4810E/6810E 3
KINS 4830 3
KINS 4840 or KINS 4840E 3
KINS 4850/6850 or KINS 4850E/6850E 3
KINS 5210/7210

Electives—Category II (3 hours):
Three hours selected from the following courses:
KINS 3415 or KINS 3415E 3
KINS 3560 3
KINS(AFAM) 3580 3
KINS(AFST) 4800/6800 3
KINS 4820 or KINS 4820E 3
KINS 5140/7140 3
KINS 5250/7250 3


For more information about minor course work, contact:


Policies: All issues regarding coursework in the minor will be dealt with on an individual basis. A student's first contact for scrutiny should be the Sport Management Academic Advisor. The student's second point of contact or appeal will be the Program Coordinator for Sport Management. If a student wishes to file an appeal after these two channels, he/she should follow the College of Education's appeal process. Completion of the minor program is confirmed by each college's graduation officer. For additional questions regarding completion of the minor program, please contact the Academic Advisor for Sport Management (kinssm@uga.edu).