Minor - Public Health

Required Course (3 hours):
PBHL 3100 or PBHL 3100E
Note: If PBHL 3100 is not the initial course taken for the minor, students have the option of replacing it with a 3-hour upper division course (3000-level or higher) in BIOS, EHSC, EPID, GLOB, GRNT, HPRB, or PBHL, or by taking an additional course from the list below.

Choose four courses from the following (12 hours):

BIOS 3000 3
EHSC 3060 or EHSC 3060E 3
EPID 4070 3
HPAM 3600 or HPAM 3600E 3
HPRB 3010 3


For more information about minor course work, contact:
            Heather McEachern
            College of Public Health