Minor - Public Health

Required Course (3 hours):
PBHL 3100 or PBHL 3100E
Note: If PBHL 3100 is not the initial course taken for the minor, students have the option of replacing it with a 3-hour upper division course (3000-level or higher) in BIOS, DMAN, EHSC, EPID, GLOB, GRNT, HPAM, HPRB, or PBHL, or by taking an additional course from the list below.

Choose four courses from the following (12 hours):

BIOS 3000 3
EHSC 3060 or EHSC 3060E 3
EPID 4070 3
HPAM 3600 or HPAM 3600E 3
HPRB 3010 3


For more information about minor course work, contact:
            Heather McEachern
            College of Public Health