Minor - Genetics

Required Courses (11 hours):
GENE 3000-3000D or GENE 3000H 4
GENE 3200-3200D  4
GENE 4000/6000 or GENE 4200/6200 or GENE 4300/6300  3

Laboratory Requirement (3-4 hours):
Choose one course from the following:
GENE 3210L  3
GENE 3220L  3
GENE 4210L 4
GENE 4220L 3
GENE 4230L 4

Capstone Requirement (1 hour):
GENE 4950 1

In cases where one of the above courses must be counted towards the major and therefore cannot be counted towards the minor, any GENE course or ECOL 4500/6500 (3-hour minimum) can substitute for one course, providing that the total number of hours counting towards the minor be 15 or higher. If needed, an additional GENE 4950 can be taken to achieve the 15-hour minimum. A research course (GENE 4960, GENE 4960H, GENE 4970, GENE 4970H, GENE 4980, GENE 4980H , GENE 4990, GENE 4990H) cannot be used as a substitution.

TOTAL HOURS:                                    15-16

For more information about minor course work contact:
          Hayley Felts, Undergraduate Administrator
          (706) 542-1442