Minor - English

Required Courses (15 hours):

Five upper-division (3000-level or above) ENGL courses, at least three of which must be at the 4000 level

[4000-level courses require two 2000-level ENGL courses OR (one 2000-level ENGL course AND one 2000-level CMLT course]

No more than two courses may come from the following list of upper-division Advanced Writing and Composition courses:
ENGL 3590W
ENGL 3600W
ENGL 3800W or ENGL 3800H
ENGL 3801W
ENGL 3850S
ENGL 3860W
ENGL 4800W*
ENGL 4830W
ENGL 4831W
ENGL 4832W
ENGL 4836W/6836W
ENGL 4837W/6837W
ENGL 4995W

*ENGL 4800W requires ENGL 3800W or ENGL 3800H as a prequisite; ENGL 4800W may not be repeated as course work in the English minor.

- Four courses must be taken at the University of Georgia; one course may be transferred from elsewhere.
- No Independent Study or Internship courses may count towards the English minor.
- A grade of "C" (2.0) or better must be earned in all minor courses.


For more information about minor course work, contact:
            Dr. Richard Menke, Undergraduate Coordinator
            (706) 542-1261
            Dr. James Kallerman, Undergraduate Administrative Coordinator

We encourage students who wish to take more than the permitted number of Advanced Writing Courses to consider the Writing Certificate Program or the Area of Emphasis in Creative Writing in the English Major.

For more information about the Writing Certificate Program, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Coordinator, Writing Certificate Program, eadavis@uga.edu.
For more information about the Major in English with an Area of Emphasis in Creative Writing, please contact Ms. Christine Lasek-White, Creative Writing Program Coordinator, cmlwhite@uga.edu.