Minor - Ecology

Mission: To understand the discipline of ecology as an experimental science and a science of living organisms and their environment. To be familiar with the application of ecology as an environmental management tool. To explore a focus in ecology or a related field with a strong ecological application.
Required Courses (7-8 hours):
ECOL 3500-3500L or ECOL 3505H-3505L

Choose one course from the following list:
ECOL 3530
ECOL 3820
ECOL 3880H
ECOL 4000/6000
ECOL 4010/6010
ECOL(BIOL) 4150/6150-4150L/6150L
ECOL 4240/4240L
ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310/6310-4310L/6310L
ECOL 4500/6500
ECOL 4540/6540
ECOL 4640/6640
ECOL 4775/6775-4775L/6775L

Electives (7-8 hours):
Choose 7-8 hours of additional upper-division (3000-level or above) ECOL courses*

*A maximum of 7 credit hours from the following courses may be counted toward the minor: ECOL 3900 , ECOL 3900H , ECOL 4940 , ECOL 4960R , ECOL 4990 , and ECOL 4990R. A maximum of 2 credit hours of ECOL 3910 may count toward the minor electives.

For more information about minor course work, contact:
       Misha Boyd