Minor - Culinary Science and Nutrition

Program Description
A Culinary Science and Nutrition minor provides a knowledge base for persons interested in foods and food ingredients as applied to food selection, preparation, home processing, storage, and serving of safe food to consumers across the lifespan. Food quality, as well as the effects of culture, lifestyle, and economics are explored.

Before declaring this minor, consult with the advisor, Beverly Hull.
Required Courses (11-14 hours):
FDNS 2100 or FDNS 2100H 3
(FDNS 3600, FDNS 3600L) or FDST 3000 3-4
FDNS 4645/6645 or FDST 4040/6040-4040L/6040L 2-4
FDNS(FDST) 4647/6647 3

Electives (1-3 hours):
FDNS 3610 3
FDNS 3610L 1
FDNS 4600/6600 or FDNS 4600E/6600E 2-3
FDNS 4610/6610 1
FDNS 4620/6620 2
FDNS 4630/6630 3
FDNS 4640/6640 3
FDNS 4650/6650 3
FDNS 4660S/6660S 3
FDST 4070/6070 3
FDST 4250/6250-4250L/6250L 2



  1. Log into Athena. Go to the Student tab, then click on My Programs.
  2. Click the Add Minor button, select the minor you wish to add, and confirm your selection.
  3. Refer to the UGA Bulletin for minor course requirements.
For more information about minor course work, contact:
            Beverly Hull
            Academic Advisor