Minor - Chemistry

Required Courses (8 hours):
CHEM 2211 or CHEM 2311H or CHEM 2411 3
CHEM 2211L or CHEM 2311L or CHEM 2411L 1
CHEM 2212 or CHEM 2312H or CHEM 2412 3
CHEM 2212L or CHEM 2312L or CHEM 2412L 1

Electives (9 hours):
Nine hours of upper division CHEM courses
(No more than 3 credit hours can be taken from CHEM 3600, CHEM 4600, CHEM 4960R, CHEM 4970R, CHEM 4980R, or CHEM 4990R.)

All upper division courses must be taken in residence, and all courses used to satisfy the minor requirement must be passed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better.


For more information about minor course work, contact:
            Gary Douberly
            (706) 542-3857