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Course ID:ENGL(HIST) 3100. 3 hours.
Course Title:Introduction to British and Irish Culture I
This course considers the British Isles from a variety of perspectives: artistic, historical, political, environmental, and social, equipping students to pursue more sophisticated studies in British and Irish history, literature, and culture.
Athena Title:Intro to Brit Irish Culture I
Nontraditional Format:You can expect to read a considerable number of short pieces of writing, to look at many images, to listen to much music, and to become familiar with maps and dates and poems, with sheep and castles and trades unions, with loughs and lochs and Locke. The texts covered – from the fields of history, literature, religion, and culture – will range from the Roman occupation of Britain (c. 55 B.C.) to the present day. English 3100 also serves as the gateway course for the certificate in British and Irish Studies.
Prerequisite:ENGL 1102 or ENGL 1102E or ENGL 1102S or ENGL 1103 or ENGL 1050H or ENGL 1060H
Semester Course
Offered every year.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)