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Course ID:FDNS(FDST) 4647/6647. 3 hours. 2 hours lecture and 3 hours lab per week.
Course Title:Sensory Evaluation of Food
Principles of sensory evaluation in foods, including using the human senses as analytical tools and understanding the physiological and psychological basis of human subjects. Theory and application of sensory evaluation techniques. Techniques of sensory analysis and data interpretation.
Athena Title:Sensory Evaluation of Food
Duplicate Credit:Not open to students with credit in FDST 7160E
Undergraduate Prerequisite:(STAT 2000 or STAT 2100H or BIOS 2010-2010L) and [(CHEM 2100 and CHEM 2100L) or (CHEM 2211 and CHEM 2211L)] or permission of department
Graduate Prerequisite:Permission of department
Undergraduate Pre or Corequisite:(FDNS 4645/6645 and FDNS 4646/6646) or FDST 4040/6040-4040L/6040L or permission of department
Graduate Pre or Corequisite:FDST 4040/6040-4040L/6040L or permission of department
Undergraduate Corequisite:None
Semester Course
Offered fall semester every year.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Available