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Course ID:GENE 4800H. 4 hours.
Course Title:Natural History of Asia (Honors)
The study of natural history on location in Asia. During visits to national parks, the animal and plant species will be studied in relationship to their environment. Emphasis will be placed on the evolutionary and ecological relationships among species as well as on the geological and cultural context.
Athena Title:Natural History of Asia Honors
Duplicate Credit:Not open to students with credit in GENE 4800
Nontraditional Format:A course taught as part of a study abroad program in Asia in which students are intensely engaged with the culture and natural history of the country. Faculty engage students verbally on a daily basis, urging careful observation and rigorous scientific inquiry. Faculty feedback and evaluation occurs daily, as well as on written and oral assignments. Students are challenged by the faculty-defined curriculum, interact with local people, manage travel, and reflect on their individual and group experiences. Students seeking Honors credit are required to write an additional paper on a mutually agreed-upon specific topic.
Prerequisite:(BIOL 1104 or BIOL 1104H or BIOL 1108 or BIOL 1108H or BIOL 2108H or permission of department) and permission of Honors
Semester Course
Not offered on a regular basis.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Available