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Course ID:PBIO 3660L. 4 hours. Repeatable for maximum 8 hours credit. 8 hours lab per week.
Course Title:Plant Biology Intensive Laboratory
An intensive, inquiry-based laboratory course emphasizing experimental design and the acquisition of technical skills commonly used in biology laboratories. Students will work as a group on a self-contained research project focusing on either the molecular genetics or on the evolution, ecology, and population genetics of plants. Includes proper procedures for keeping a laboratory notebook, laboratory safety, and time management.
Athena Title:Plant Biology Intensive Lab
Prerequisite:(BIOL 1107 and BIOL 1107L) or (BIOL 1108 and BIOL 1108L) or (BIOL 2107 and BIOL 2107L) or (BIOL 2108 and BIOL 2108L) or (PBIO 1210 and PBIO 1210L) or (PBIO 1220 and PBIO 1220L) or permission of department
Semester Course
Offered fall semester every year.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Available