College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Courses that Satisfy the Cultural Diversity Requirement

FDNS 4540/6540 Public Health Dietetics
FDNS 4630/6630 Cultural Aspects of Foods and Nutrition
FHCE 3100 Introductory Consumer Economics
FHCE 3150 Consumer Decision Making
FHCE 3300 Housing in Contemporary Society
FHCE 4100/6100 Economic Status of American Households and Related Policy
HDFS 2950-2950L Introduction to Child Development
HDFS 4080/6080 Advanced Child Development
HDFS 4330 Diversity in Human Development and Family Systems
TXMI 3350 Residential Interiors and Furnishings
TXMI 3380 Studio III: Kitchen and Bath Design
TXMI 4150/6150 Nonwovens Science and Technology
TXMI 4230/6230 Dress, Society, and Culture
TXMI(DRAM) 4270/6270 History of Dress: Antiquity to Nineteenth Century
TXMI 4290/6290 History of Dress and Fashion: Nineteenth Century to the Present
TXMI 4350/6350 History of Design, Interiors, and Furnishings
TXMI 5310/7310 Studio VII: Residential Interior Design for the Community